Modern Kitchen Paint Colors

10 Trending Paint Colors for a Modern Kitchen Refresh

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By Jason The Painter

Want to change your kitchen without a big project? Use paint to make your kitchen look new. There are many fancy colors for kitchens today. This article looks at colors that are neutral, bold, and soothing. You’ll find cool grays, deep greens, and soft pastels. Also, there are muted coral, rich wine red, and sunny yellow tones. These 10 picks will help you create a stylish kitchen refresh.

Key Takeaways

  • Explore a range of modern kitchen paint colors to revamp your space
  • Discover contemporary kitchen color trends and popular paint shades
  • Learn about stylish kitchen color schemes and on-trend paint ideas
  • Understand modern kitchen color palettes and designer-approved colors
  • Find inspiration for chic kitchen wall colors and timeless paint hues

Embracing Bold and Vibrant Hues

You can make your modern kitchen pop by adding a unique muted coral color. Designer Betsy Wentz chose this color for a recent project. This warm hue goes great with different wood shades. Farrow & Ball’s Bisque paint can also give you a similar coral vibe. By using this contemporary kitchen color trend, Designer Wentz added life to the kitchen without it feeling too much.

Rich Wine Reds

This year, kitchen designs are loving deep reds like burgundy and auburn. Designer Kelsey McGregor picked a wine-red for a recent project, from the walls to the window treatments. This bold color choice brings style and class. By using this deep wine red shade, McGregor’s design shows how you can use this popular kitchen paint shade for a modern kitchen refresh.

Sunny Yellows and Bright Blues

Blue and yellow are opposite on the color wheel, which means they go well together. Designer Caren Rideau mixed sunny yellow cabinets with a bright blue patterned tile backsplash. This combo makes the kitchen feel lively and fun. It boosts the kitchen’s modern aesthetic.

Modern Kitchen Paint Colors

Gray kitchen walls give a clean, crisp look when mixed with white cabinets. This cool gray paint color acts as a neutral base. It lets the white cabinets stand out. When picking gray kitchen paint colors, look at the undertone. This makes sure the shade fits the warm or cool vibe you want. Behr’s Paparazzi Flash is a top choice. It offers a muted gray paint that works well for a modern look.

Cool Grays and Charcoals

Dark greens with a hint of gray bring a relaxed, modern look to kitchens. They blend almost like a neutral. They worked beautifully in a project. The cool green matched natural wood floors and marble counters. This created a calm, nature-inspired space. Sherwin-Williams’ Pewter Green is a great deep green paint alternative. It can lift your kitchen’s style.

Deep Greens and Forest Hues

Rich blue cabinets, like navy, are big in modern kitchen design. They add a bold but timeless touch. A project by Caren Rideau showed off this trend well. She also included a blue, patterned backsplash. It tied the look together. To get the same vibe, try Behr’s Very Navy. It’s great for a bold, modern aesthetic.

Bold Blacks and Moody Navies

Soothing Neutrals and Soft Pastels

Creamy off-white paint colors make a room feel light and welcoming. When used with gold and marble, they add elegance. Designer Ellen Hatton from BarnesVanze Architects removed upper cabinets in one project. She used a wall of windows instead. This made the space more inviting. Behr’s Creamy White is perfect for a modern kitchen color scheme.

Pale Blues and Mint Greens

Pale blue and mint green paint colors give off a peaceful, natural atmosphere. In her project, designer Clara Jung chose a pale blue for the cabinets. She paired it with warm walnut and gold for a modern touch. Backdrop Home’s The Early Stuff is a great match for a soft blue-gray look. Designer Caren Rideau, on the other hand, used a mint green paint color in a different kitchen. This added a fresh, open feeling that worked well with the natural and marble accents.

Airy Greiges and Taupes

The mix of gray and beige, called greige, is very adaptable. It can fit into any kitchen style. Depending on how much gray or brown is used, greige can really change. In one project, a rich greige was used with white panels and a khaki ceiling. This showed a deep greige’s possibilities. Benjamin Moore’s Stampede 979 offers a similar soothing look. Taupes, shades between beige and gray, also bring a calming effect to a modern kitchen design.


These 10 popular kitchen paint colors range from bright and bold to calming pastels. You can find the perfect shade for a modern kitchen update. Whether you like coral’s soft charm, wine red’s luxury, or greens and blues to calm, there’s something for everyone.

Using these trendy colors can make your kitchen feel fresh and match your style. A bold color or a peaceful one, your kitchen can turn into a stylish spot you enjoy. It’s all about choosing the right paint.

Creamy whites and warm woods are always a classy choice. But, don’t forget deep greens and dark blues for a touch of modern. With some creativity and the right paint, your kitchen can reflect your personal style perfectly.


What are some of the trending kitchen paint colors for a modern refresh?

This article dives into the latest paint color trends for kitchens. It looks at neutral tones, bold shades, and calming colors. You’ll find everything from soft coral to deep wine reds. Also, there are choices like sunny yellow, cool gray, and deep green shades. You can even use bold blacks and navy, besides cozy whites and light blues.

How can muted coral tones be incorporated into a kitchen design?

Designer Betsy Wentz suggests using a soft coral paint, such as Farrow & Ball’s Bisque. It’s a way to make the kitchen lively without being too bright. This warm coral tone works well with different wood colors.

What are some examples of using warm, rusty red paint colors in the kitchen?

Designer Kelsey McGregor applied a deep red wine paint across the kitchen in one of her projects. The overall look was bold and unified in color. This rich red adds a touch of sophistication and drama.

How can blue and yellow be combined in a modern kitchen design?

Designer Caren Rideau chose sunny yellow cabinets and a bright blue backsplash for a kitchen. This mix of colors makes the space lively. It adds a fun and energetic touch, making the modern design stand out.

What are some tips for choosing the right gray paint color for the kitchen?

Choosing the right gray is key. Think about the undertones for the right warm or cool feel. A shade like Behr’s Paparazzi Flash is a good choice. It looks great with white cabinets for a fresh and neat kitchen.

How can deep green paint colors be used in a modern kitchen?

Deep greens with a hint of grey, like Sherwin-Williams’ Pewter Green, can create a calm vibe. They make for a kitchen connected to nature. Such a green can beautifully match wood floors and marble counters.

What are some examples of using bold blue cabinet colors in the kitchen?

Bold blue, especially in navy, is a top pick for today’s kitchens. The color is sophisticated yet classic. Designer Caren Rideau uses Behr’s Very Navy for a chic and refined look.

How can creamy off-white paint colors enhance the airy feel of a kitchen?

Creamy off-white tones, for instance Behr’s Creamy White, look luxurious with gold and marble in the kitchen. Designer Ellen Hatton suggests using these tones. Also, consider swapping some cabinets for a window wall for an even more welcoming atmosphere.

What are some examples of using soothing pale blue and mint green paint colors in the kitchen?

For a calm kitchen, try a soft blue on the cabinets, balanced with warm wood and gold. Designer Clara Jung used this mix for a stylish space. Another option is a mint green, like what designer Caren Rideau did. It adds a light and airy touch that works well with natural materials.

How can greige and taupe paint colors work in a modern kitchen design?

Greige, blending gray and beige, offers a serene look perfect for kitchens. A pick like Benjamin Moore’s Stampede 979 can achieve this. Taupes also bring a calm vibe to a modern kitchen.

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