Brick Fireplace Painting

How to Paint a Brick Fireplace

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By Jason The Painter

Revamping your brick fireplace with a new paintjob can change the whole room. We’ll show you how to do it step by step. This makes a beautiful, modern look simple. You’ll need supplies like KILZ Latex Interior/Exterior Primer and Behr Masonry, Stucco and Brick paint. Make sure to clean the brick surface, prime it, then paint.

Preparation work, like cleaning and priming your brick fireplace, is key. Before you paint, brushing and cleaning the brick well is a must. This source also helps you pick the right paint color for the look you want. It also talks about using different techniques, like whitewashing, greywashing, and limewashing, besides regular painting.

Key Takeaways

  • Painting a brick fireplace can make a big difference in a room’s look.
  • Cleaning and priming the brick before painting is essential for success.
  • Choosing the best paint, like acrylic latex interior paint, and using it carefully, leads to a great finish.
  • Brick fireplace painting includes methods like whitewashing, greywashing, and limewashing, along with the usual painted brick.
  • With the correct tools and steps, you can refresh your brick fireplace and enjoy the new look for a long time.

Preparing for Brick Fireplace Painting

Cleaning the bricks first is crucial for a great paint job. Use a stiff wire brush to get rid of dirt and soot. Then, wipe the bricks with a damp cloth or soapy water. Make sure the bricks are completely dry before you start painting.

Priming the Brick

After cleaning, the important next step is priming. It’s best to use a high-quality acrylic latex primer on brick. Begin by painting the mortar lines with a brush. Then, use a roller for the brick faces, getting into the little spaces. You might need a second coat of primer if the brick is really porous or in bad shape.

Brick Fireplace Painting

Ready to start painting your fireplace? Choose acrylic latex paint—they work best on brick. Why? Because you get lots of color options. Also, these paints are tough which is perfect for a fireplace that sees a lot of action. Think about the sheen too. You can pick from matte to glossy finish, each creating a different look.

Choosing the Right Paint

Paint choice is key when giving your fireplace a new look. For a classic vibe, consider Brick Whitewashing. It adds a charming, aged touch. Want something more contemporary? Go for a subdued color like matte black or charcoal grey. Your choice should match your style and what you want your space to feel like.

Applying Paint to the Brick

When painting, start with the details like mortar lines using a brush. Then, coat the bricks using a roller. Work from the top down to avoid messy drips. A second coat will give you the best results. For big fireplaces, an extra pair of hands can be a big help. Don’t forget to take breaks and clean your tools when you finish.


Painting a brick fireplace is a DIY project that’s quite simple but it can totally change a room. You need to prep well. This means using good primers and paints from top brands like KILZ and Behr. Also, applying these carefully is key.

Choosing between a classic white or a bold shade is up to you. Make sure whatever you choose, it goes well with your style and the room’s look. With the right steps, your old or boring fireplace can become a beautiful feature in your space.

When you clean, prime, and paint your fireplace the right way, it can lift the whole room. This will make your home feel cozy and welcoming. Feel free to play with various colors and finishes to see what suits your house best.


What supplies are needed to paint a brick fireplace?

According to the guide, you’ll need KILZ Latex Interior/Exterior Primer and Behr Masonry, Stucco and Brick paint.

What are the main steps for painting a brick fireplace?

Here are the three main steps: 1) Clean the brick surface. 2) Prime the brick. 3) Paint the brick.

Why is proper preparation important when painting a brick fireplace?

Proper preparation is crucial for a successful project. Cleaning and priming brick before painting helps the paint stick. This ensures your fireplace looks great in the end.

What type of paint is recommended for a brick fireplace?

The best paint for a brick fireplace is acrylic latex interior paint. It offers many colors, covers well, and is durable. This is perfect for a busy, possibly hot spot like a fireplace.

What techniques can be used to paint a brick fireplace?

The guide also talks about other techniques. You can try whitewashing, greywashing, or limewashing for a unique look on your brick fireplace.

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