Faux Linen Ceiling Painting

How to Paint a Ceiling with a Faux Linen Finish

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By Jason The Painter

The linen look never goes out of style. It can be in any color. This guide will show you to make a faux linen finish on your ceiling. You’ll use only two products and follow two simple steps. This method was even used on a 30,000 square foot, 12-story building. It proves it’s great for both residential and commercial spaces.

Key Takeaways

  • Faux linen ceiling finishes are a versatile and timeless design choice for both residential and commercial spaces.
  • The process involves only two products and can be completed in two simple steps.
  • The technique has been used to transform large-scale commercial buildings, showcasing its adaptability.
  • Faux linen ceilings add unique character and elegance to any interior.
  • Achieving a professional-looking result requires careful surface preparation and application techniques.

Preparing for a Faux Linen Ceiling Painting

Getting ready properly is key to a great faux linen ceiling painting. First, make sure the surface is very smooth. Check for any small dents or bumps, as they can ruin your work.

Use purple low-tack tape on areas like chair rails and floorboards. It’s easy to take off without ruining the paint job. For different ceilings, like popcorn or knockdown, you’ll need a blue tape with stronger stick. This keeps the paint from going where you don’t want it.

Ensuring Smooth Surfaces

To make your textured ceiling painting look good, you must start with a perfect surface. Smooth out any spots that are uneven. This will give your work a neat and professional look.

Taping and Covering

Before you paint, use the right taping to keep certain areas clean. Depending on the ceiling type, choose purple low-tack or blue tape. This helps protect parts not meant to be painted, such as chair rails and floorboards.

Mixing Paint and Glaze

Mix the paint and glaze in a 3:1 ratio for a beautiful linen-inspired ceilings look. Use an eggshell paint and Benjamin Moore glaze. This mix lets you use the right techniques for lovely residential ceiling or commercial ceiling effects.

Faux Linen Ceiling Painting Techniques

Now, let’s start the intriguing journey into the world of faux linen ceiling painting. You will learn steps to create an astonishing linen-inspired ceiling. It will fill your room with a sense of timeless beauty.

Applying the Glaze Mixture

To kick things off, grab your paintbrush and layer the glaze mixture on the ceiling. Start from the top, then move downwards. Keep it smooth and consistent. This step lays the perfect base for what’s to come.

Dragging the Wallpaper Brush

After that, put on a thin layer of the paint mixture using a roller. It’s the key for the textured ceiling painting you’re after. While it’s still wet, drag a wallpaper brush in vertical lines. Do this several times to get the linen-inspired effect just right.

Feathering and Blending

Next, for that final touch, grab a chip brush. Gently feather out the edges to make it look natural. Make sure to create an irregular effect. This mimics the look of real linen perfectly.

Cleaning and Maintaining Tools

Remember to clean your tools often during the process. This prevents any paint from messing up your smooth strokes. Also, take off the tape when you’re done. It helps spot any spots needing a little more finesse.


Using a faux linen finish on your ceiling is rewarding. It’s perfect for both homes and businesses. This guide will teach you step by step. You’ll end up with a gorgeous linen-inspired ceiling. It will make your place stand out and leave a lasting impression on anyone who sees it.

To make your ceiling look amazing, you’ll need smooth surfaces. Make sure you prepare everything correctly. Learn the faux painting methods needed for textured ceiling painting and decorative ceiling finishes. You’ll see how easy it is to create beautiful ceiling art techniques. Whether it’s for a house or a business, this approach is versatile and classic. It’s all about making your ceilings beautiful.

Unleash your creativity with this faux linen finish. A bit of work and the right info will upgrade your ceilings. Your interior will look stunning. Everyone will be amazed by your ceiling designs. It’s a great way to impress your guests or customers.


What makes the faux linen finish so timeless?

The linen look never seems outdated. It can come in any color. This helps it stay timeless.

What are the key steps for achieving a professional-looking faux linen finish on the ceiling?

Proper prep work is essential. Make sure the surface is smooth. Use correct taping methods and mix paint and glaze right.Next, apply the glaze mix with care. Use a wallpaper brush to create the linen’s texture.

Can this technique be used for both residential and commercial spaces?

Yes, this technique works for homes and big buildings alike. One big building, 30,000 square feet, 12 stories high, used it.

How do you maintain the quality of the faux linen finish over time?

Keep the brush clean to apply smoothly. Pull off the tape right away. This lets you fix any spots that need more blending.

What are the benefits of transforming a ceiling with a faux linen finish?

A faux linen finish makes any place look better. It gives the ceiling a special, timeless style. This is true for homes and businesses.

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