Faux Suede Ceiling Painting

How to Paint a Ceiling with a Faux Suede Finish

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By Jason The Painter

Faux suede is in demand for its elegant, soft feel on walls. If you’re looking for an easy way to make your ceiling stand out, consider Faux Suede. It’s not hard, even for beginners. The faux suede technique works well on ceilings. It makes the whole space look stylish. The hardest part might be taping off the ceiling. But follow the steps, and you’ll turn your ceiling into a work of art.

Key Takeaways

  • Faux suede is a popular decorative ceiling technique that creates a soft, elegant texture.
  • The faux suede finish can be achieved through a simple painting process, even for beginners.
  • Taping off the ceiling is the most time-consuming part, but the end result is a stunning, opulent masterpiece.
  • Faux Suede Ceiling Painting is a great way to transform and add warmth to any room.
  • This technique can be used to create a cohesive, finished look throughout the entire space.

Preparing for the Faux Suede Ceiling Painting

Before you start painting, make sure you’ve gathered all the tools you’ll need. You’ll want painter’s tape, drop cloths, primer, base coat paint, and glaze. Don’t forget rags for the suede look.

Protect Surrounding Areas

Use painter’s tape to protect the edges of the ceiling. Also, cover light fixtures and other things you don’t want paint on.

Clean and Repair the Ceiling Surface

Clean the ceiling well before painting. Take away any dirt and fix any cracks. Use spackling compound to fill in holes. Wait for it to dry, then sand the area smooth.

Applying the Base Coat

Choosing the correct paint color is key when putting on the base coat. Many choose “natural” colors like tan, brown, or gray. These colors bring out a brushed suede look.

Choose the Right Paint Color

To start, put a layer of primer on the ceiling. This should cover the edges and any areas near the light fixtures that aren’t painted. After the primer dries, use True Value EasyCare Ultra Premium paint in your chosen color with a roller.

Make sure you’re painting with an “W” motion, overlapping your strokes. This gives a smooth and even finish.

Apply Primer and Base Coat

Let the base coat dry fully, usually for 24 hours. Then you can start applying the faux suede painting technique.

Faux Suede Ceiling Painting Technique

To get the faux suede look on your ceiling, start by mixing paint and glaze. Use one part True Value EasyCare Ultra Premium Interior Paint in a slightly different color from your base. Add three parts True Value Simply Glaze acrylic glaze. Combine the two well in a paint tray.

Apply the Paint/Glaze Mixture

Now, apply this mixture to your ceiling using a roller. Do it one small part at a time. This makes it easier to handle.

Roll Off the Glaze for Suede Effect

After that, take clean linen or lint-free cotton cloths. Use them to roll off the glaze, making it look like suede. Roll the cloths gently from the top. They should pick up paint.

Keep doing this until the whole ceiling has a suede texture. Blend each section together well. This makes the finish look smooth all over. Let the faux suede ceiling dry for 24 hours. Then, you can remove any painter’s tape and put back your fixtures.


Turning your ceiling into a gorgeous focal point with faux suede is easy and cost-effective. It adds a cozy, elegant, and distinctive look. Start by preparing, then apply a base coat, and finally, learn the faux suede painting method. This will give you a stunning, textured ceiling that changes your room’s look.

It takes a bit of patience and focus, but you’ll end up with a unique faux suede ceiling. Everyone will admire it. Your room will feel more lavish and welcoming, reflecting your personal style. So, opt for this unique finish instead of a dull, ordinary ceiling.

Want to spice up your home? Consider the faux suede ceiling painting technique. It’s a versatile choice that impresses. With the right materials and steps, you can make your space stand out. Your loved ones will be amazed by the beauty you’ve created.


What is faux suede and why is it a popular wall finish?

Faux suede is a commonly used wall finish. It’s loved for its plush, fancy feel. It’s simple to put on and makes any room cozy and upscale.

What supplies and materials are needed to create a faux suede ceiling?

For a faux suede ceiling, you’ll need painter’s tape, drop cloths, and primer. Also, base coat paint, glaze, and special rags for the suede look.

How should the ceiling be prepared before painting?

Before painting, make sure the ceiling is clean and smooth. This means no dirt, debris, or spots. Patch up any holes or cracks with spackle.

What color should be used for the base coat?

Choose “natural” hues like tan, soft brown, or light gray. These colors enhance the brushed look of faux suede.

How is the faux suede effect created on the ceiling?

First, mix paint and glaze. Apply it with a roller. Then, use special clean cloths to pat the glaze. This creates the suede texture.

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