Faux Suede Ceiling Painting

How to Paint a Ceiling with a Faux Suede Finish

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By Jason The Painter

Faux suede is turning heads for its elegant feel. It adds a soft touch to your walls that’s easy to do. This type of painting can make any area feel warm and stylish. This finish is perfect for beginners too.

Making your own shelf paint is a great way to get the colors you want without spending a lot. Plus, painting the ceiling ties the whole room together nicely.

Key Takeaways

  • Faux suede is a popular wall finish with a soft, elegant texture.
  • It’s easy to apply and can create a warm, decorative look in your space.
  • You can make your own custom suede paint colors to save money.
  • Painting the ceiling can give the room a finished, cohesive appearance.
  • The faux suede technique is suitable for beginners to achieve.

Preparing for a Faux Suede Ceiling Paint Project

Before starting your Faux Suede Ceiling Painting project, get everything ready. This includes properly setting up the area and getting what you need. These steps will make sure the painting goes well. You’ll get the look you want for your ceiling, like unique textures and new styles.

Gathering Necessary Materials and Tools

First, gather all your stuff. You’ll need Suede Paint Finishes, paint rollers, and brushes. Don’t forget about drop cloths and painter’s tape. Having these ready makes the painting part easier. This way, you can pay full attention to the job.

Protecting Surrounding Areas

Keep the space around your Venetian Plaster Ceilings or Luxury Ceiling Treatments clean. Take out furniture or move it to the center, covering it well. Take down fixtures and cover what you can’t remove with painter’s tape. Protect windowsills and other surfaces with the tape, so they stay paint-free.

Cleaning and Repairing Ceiling Surface

Getting the ceiling ready is crucial for a great result. Clean it with soap and water, then let it dry. For a smooth finish, fix any cracks or holes with a spackling compound. Sand it down after for a flat surface. Use drop cloths under the ceiling and attach them with painter’s tape to protect the floor.

Faux Suede Ceiling Painting Technique

Starting a Faux Suede Ceiling Painting project means preparing well. First, add a coat of primer to the ceiling. This helps the paint stick neatly to the ceiling. When using primer, brush the edges first and use a roller for the rest.

Applying Primer and Base Coat

After the primer dries, apply the base coat. Use True Value EasyCare Ultra Premium Interior Paint in your preferred color and type. This coat lays the groundwork for your Suede Paint Finishes. Let it dry for about 24 hours.

Creating the Suede Paint Mixture

To get the right Faux Suede Ceiling Painting look, mix your paint. Combine one quart of paint in a slightly different shade with three quarts of glaze. This mix will be perfect for your ceiling’s Textured Ceiling Techniques.

Rolling and Smoothing the Suede Texture

Apply the glaze mix with a roller in small sections. Then, use clean, bunched-up cloths to smooth it. This technique is key for the soft, Decorative Ceiling Finishes you want. Work fast to avoid the glaze drying early and to achieve the Faux Painting Tutorials effect.


Your ceiling can look amazing with a brushed suede appearance now. The faux suede finish gives a touch of softness and grace to your room. Just follow the instructions in this article, and you’ll be able to make a luxurious ceiling by yourself. It’s important to be patient, prepare well, and play around with the paint and glaze mixture until you get the look you want. A little creativity can turn your ceiling into a fashionable and sophisticated element of your home.

The Faux Suede Ceiling Painting method is wonderful for spicing up your ceiling. You might want to try this if you’re into Decorative Ceiling Finishes or would like to learn Faux Painting Tutorials. This guide is a full how-to on achieving a stunning Ceiling Transformation that looks like Venetian Plaster Ceilings or other fancy treatments. With Custom Ceiling Designs, your place will stand out and be unique.


What is faux suede and why is it a popular wall finish?

Faux suede is a favored wall finish due to its plush, stylish feel. Achieving this look is simple, making it ideal for people starting out. It adds a cozy yet upscale vibe to your room.

Can I make my own faux suede paint?

Yes, you’re able to craft your faux suede paint. This DIY method not only cuts costs but also lets you mix unique hues. You’re not restricted to the colors found in stores.

How do I prepare the ceiling for painting with a faux suede finish?

To get ready for painting, clear the space of furniture and cover things with drop cloths. Afterward, give your ceiling a good cleaning and fix any blemishes.

What is the process for applying the faux suede paint?

Start with a coat of primer. Next, brush or roll on a foundation layer of True Value EasyCare Ultra Premium paint. Then, combine part of your paint with three parts of True Value Simply Glaze and apply it smoothly using a roller.

What are the benefits of a faux suede ceiling finish?

The faux suede ceiling finish brings a soft luxury to your room. It makes your space look more enticing and adds a touch of elegance and style to your home.

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