Modern Farmhouse Exterior Painting

Painting Techniques for a Modern Farmhouse Exterior

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By Jason The Painter

The modern farmhouse style is loved by many homeowners in the U.S. But, it may be hard to get this look if your house was not built in that way. This article will help you understand how to get the modern farmhouse vibe in your Colorado home. It will talk about choosing the right colors, including white on white, lower contrast exterior colors, and minimizing trim for sharp lines. You will see examples of houses that nailed the modern farmhouse style, with recommended color schemes to check out.

Key Takeaways

  • The modern farmhouse style is achievable, even if your home wasn’t originally designed in this aesthetic.
  • Embracing a white on white color scheme, including the trim, is the classic modern farmhouse look.
  • Using a lower contrast color scheme and minimizing visible trim can help create the clean, minimalist lines of the modern farmhouse style.
  • Carefully curated color palettes can help you achieve the modern farmhouse aesthetic, even if your home lacks traditional farmhouse features.
  • Incorporating modern farmhouse elements, such as shiplap siding, barn door accents, and stone veneer, can help transform the exterior of your home.

Modern Farmhouse Exterior Painting: Achieving the Perfect Balance

Many people get confused when trying to get the modern farmhouse look. They think you need black trim. But, most modern farmhouses actually use white trim. The key is to stick to an all-white color scheme. This includes the trim, for the true modern farmhouse style.

White on White: The Classic Modern Farmhouse Look

If your home is not the classic modern farmhouse style, there’s still a way. The article recommends using lower contrast color scheme by picking whites with slight differences. This makes the house look more spacious and clean. It gets the essence of minimalist farmhouse design just right, with no major changes needed.

Lower Contrast Exterior Color Schemes

To further the modern farmhouse feel, reduce the amount of visible trim. This helps your home keep a modern and simple look. It works well for places with shiplap siding too. These details can make the white on white farmhouse style really pop.

Less is More: Embracing Clean Lines

Choosing a low contrast color scheme and cutting down on visible trim is key. It lets your home hit that modern farmhouse look without changing a lot. You’ll have a clean, unified look. This way, the beauty of the black windows and white trim will stand out.

Curating the Perfect Color Palette

The modern farmhouse look isn’t just for certain houses. It’s about the right color palette. This palette can make any home look like a modern farmhouse. It uses monochromatic farmhouse design and gray exterior colors to create a special charm.

Timeless White Hues: Shoji White and Alabaster

For the perfect white on white modern farmhouse style, try Shoji White and Alabaster. These from the Sherwin-Williams palette. They give a modern farmhouse feel and provide a welcoming look to your home.

Soft Contrasts: Repose Gray and Dovetail Accents

Seeking a low contrast color scheme? Mix Repose Gray and Dovetail from Sherwin-Williams. This combo of gray exterior colors is soft and pleasing. It matches the modern farmhouse look perfectly.

Monochromatic Elegance: Natural Choice, Egret White, and Quietude

If you love monochromatic farmhouse design, here’s a great mix. Use Natural Choice, Egret White, and Quietude from Sherwin-Williams. This modern farmhouse color palette gives a united, calming look. It’s perfect for many house types.

Color Scheme Paint Colors Description
Timeless White Hues Shoji White, Alabaster A classic white-on-white palette that captures the essence of a modern farmhouse aesthetic.
Soft Contrasts Repose Gray, Dovetail A subtle pairing of gray exterior colors that offers a harmonious, low-contrast look.
Monochromatic Elegance Natural Choice, Egret White, Quietude A soothing, cohesive monochromatic farmhouse design palette that can work well for a variety of home styles.

Conclusion: Bringing Your Modern Farmhouse Vision to Life

The modern farmhouse style goes beyond what you might think. You can bring its unique look to any house. The trick is to mix clean lines, simple colors, and natural touches with your home’s look.

To make your space fit the style, you could change the outside colors. Or remove anything that makes it look messy. You might also try some fun do-it-yourself projects. Also, work on your yard to make your home more inviting from the street. With some creativity and smart design picks, your place can turn into a dreamy modern farmhouse, whatever it looked like before.

The heart of the modern farmhouse style is finding harmony between old and new, raw and polished. Stick to this idea. Then, with careful planning, you can craft a house that truly reflects this popular and lasting design.


What is the classic modern farmhouse look when it comes to exterior painting?

The classic modern farmhouse look uses all-white paint, including the trim. This creates a light and open feel. Different shades of white can add depth to your home.

Do modern farmhouse style homes usually have black trim?

Most modern farmhouse homes use white trim, not black. The key is the all-white look. It’s a signature of the modern farmhouse style.

How can homeowners achieve the modern farmhouse aesthetic if their home doesn’t have traditional farmhouse features?

To get the modern farmhouse look without classic features, choose a low contrast color scheme. Use various whites for the main and trim. Also, less trim makes space feel minimal and clean.

What color combinations are recommended to achieve the modern farmhouse look?

Colors like Shoji White and Alabaster offer a true white-on-white look. Repose Gray and Dovetail are great for a gentle contrast. For a monochromatic feel, try Natural Choice, Egret White, and Quietude.

Can the modern farmhouse style be incorporated into homes that don’t fit the traditional farmhouse design?

Absolutely, the modern farmhouse’s ideas can work in different homes. You must be smart about adjusting the style to your house. It’s about using what you have to create a modern farmhouse vibe.

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