Chalk Paint Furniture Colors

The Best Chalk Paint Colors for Furniture Makeovers

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By Jason The Painter

Chalk paint is a top pick for redoing furniture. It gives a matte, old-fashioned look. This guide picks the best chalk paint colors and chalk paint brands. We help you get the style you want for your next furniture project. Looking for the best gray, black, or white chalk paint? Or maybe interested in Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle, or Waverly? We’ve got all the advice you need.

Key Takeaways

  • Chalk paint comes in many colors. Perfect for updating your furniture.
  • Top brands like Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle, and Waverly offer unique paints and colors.
  • Looking at many chalk paint colors helps find the best one for your furniture.
  • Special techniques like distressing can make your furniture look amazing.
  • Doing chalk paint projects yourself is fun and makes your home look great.

Exploring the Top Chalk Paint Brands

In the chalk paint world, Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle, and Waverly are at the top. They’re well-known and trusted for their special chalk paint types, colors, and finishes. These are great for giving furniture and home decor a new look.

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Colors

Annie Sloan Chalk Paint leads the way with its many colors and a matte, vintage look. It’s known for making furniture look beautifully old. From soft tones to bright colors, you can turn any furniture into art.

Dixie Belle Chalk Mineral Paint

Dixie Belle offers high-quality chalk paint that many love. Its paint has deep colors that last well on different surfaces. This makes it perfect for creating special looks on furniture. Their color range is wide, giving you plenty of ideas for your next project.

Waverly Chalk Paint

Waverly Chalk Paint also gets you that cool, matte look everyone wants. They have a bunch of colors to pick from. It’s easy to use, which is great for people who are new to chalk paint.

Chalk Paint Furniture Colors

Chalk paint colors can make your furniture look amazing. You can try many colors, from classic grays and blacks to bright whites. We’ll look at the best chalk paint colors for your DIY project.

Gray Chalk Paint Colors

Gray chalk paint gives furniture a classy, neutral look. Elephant from Waverly and Hurricane Gray by Dixie Belle are great picks. These colors fit many styles, making your project easy.

Black Chalk Paint Colors

Black chalk paint is bold and dramatic. Try Ink from Waverly or Noir by Jolie for a modern twist. Black chalk paint can suit any space with its elegant appeal.

White Chalk Paint Colors

White chalk paint makes furniture fresh and light. Colors like Linen White from Rustoleum and Palace White by Jolie are perfect. With white paint, you can achieve many styles, from old-fashioned to sleek.

Choosing the right chalk paint shade is key to your project’s success. There are many options to make your furniture look brand-new again. Start exploring and see what colors speak to you.


Chalk paint changes the game for furniture makeovers. It comes in many chalk paint colors. Popular brands include Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle, and Waverly. There are also different chalk paint techniques. This guide helps you pick the right gray chalk paint, black chalk paint, or white chalk paint. It gives you the advice and creativity needed for your next furniture makeover.

Looking into the chalk paint color palette shows you many options. Mixing colors and exploring finishes changes old furniture into one-of-a-kind masterpieces. Whether you’re an expert or a beginner with DIY chalk painted furniture, this guide is for you. It offers the needed knowledge and tools for the perfect chalk paint finish on your distressed furniture painting projects.

With this info, your next chalk paint furniture project will be exciting. Feel confident that you can achieve the furniture makeover ideas you’ve imagined. Explore the endless options of chalk paint. Turn your old furniture into beautiful, unique pieces. This will make your space feel new.


What are the best chalk paint colors for furniture makeovers?

Chalk paint comes in many colors that are perfect for furniture remodels. You’ll find timeless grays, classic blacks, and versatile whites. Some favorites are Waverly’s Elephant in gray, Waverly Ink for black, and Rustoleum’s Linen White for white.

What are the top chalk paint brands?

The top chalk paint brands include Annie Sloan, Dixie Belle, and Waverly. Annie Sloan is famous for its wide color range and matte finish. Dixie Belle offers durable, vibrant colors. Waverly chalk paint has a matte finish and many colors to choose from.

How can I achieve a distressed or vintage-inspired look with chalk paint?

Chalk paint is perfect for distressed or vintage looks. Its matte finish is great for sanding or layering. This helps you give furniture that aged, rustic appearance.

What are some popular chalk paint techniques for furniture?

To make your furniture unique, try sanding, distressing, layering, or glazing with chalk paint. These methods can give you looks from silky matte to heavily distressed.

Where can I find inspiration and tutorials for chalk painted furniture projects?

Look online for tons of chalk paint project tutorials and inspiration. Blogs, Pinterest, and YouTube are great outlets. They offer ideas and steps for your next project.

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