Modern Minimalist Living Room Paint Colors

The Best Paint Colors for a Modern, Minimalist Living Room

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By Jason The Painter

Minimalist design loves the clarity and beauty soft white paint colors offer. They give off a timeless and welcoming feel. Colors from Benjamin Moore’s Off White Collection, like White Heron OC-57, Chantilly Lace OC-65, and White Dove OC-17, make spaces airy and relaxing. Adding beige-tinged creams such as Maritime White OC-5, Ballet White OC-9, and Paper White OC-55 brings warmth to white spaces. Pair these with natural materials such as wood, jute, linen, and leather. Including painted wood floors, carefully chosen furniture, and textured fabrics enhances the cozy minimalist look.

Key Takeaways

  • Soft white paint colors create an airy, restorative minimalist atmosphere
  • Beige-tinged creams add warmth and dimension to white backdrops
  • Natural materials like wood, jute, linen, and leather complement the minimalist palette
  • Painted wood floors, thoughtful furniture, and chunky fabrics contribute to the cozy minimalist aesthetic
  • Minimalist design embraces the beauty and simplicity of a neutral color scheme

The Essence of Minimalist Living Room Paint Colors

Soft white paint colors shine in minimalist settings. Benjamin Moore’s White Heron OC-57, Chantilly Lace OC-65, and White Dove OC-17 give a clean, peaceful look. Beige-tinged creams like Maritime White OC-5, Ballet White OC-9 and Paper White OC-55 bring a cozy touch against these whites.

They look great with natural materials, such as wood, jute, linen, and leather. Tasteful choices in furniture, painted wood floors, and thick fabrics add to this warm style.

The Power of White Hues

White paint colors offer a fresh, serene feel in minimalist design. Benjamin Moore’s White Heron OC-57, Chantilly Lace OC-65, and White Dove OC-17 help create a calm space. Beige-tinged creams like Maritime White OC-5, Ballet White OC-9, Paper White OC-55 pull the look together, with help from natural materials.

Layered Neutral Paint Colors

Adding natural and earthy tones makes a minimalist room inviting. Benjamin Moore has Revere Pewter HC-172, Pashmina AF-100, Balboa Mist OC-27, and Edgecomb Gray HC-173 for a soft, rich background. Simply White OC-117, once a Color of the Year, brings a bright touch.

Modern Minimalist Living Room Paint Colors

Using bold colors can make minimalist homes more exciting. A colorful mantel, accent wall, or window can energize the room. You can also make a big impact with one color. For example, in a Scandinavian entryway, a touch of Rosy Apple on the stairs looks great with deep gray on a mirror.

Enliven Minimalism with Splashes of Color

Saturated colors take minimalism to the next level. Consider using rich jewel tones from Benjamin Moore’s latest palette. These colors, like Beau Green and Starry Night Blue, can create beautiful, harmonious spaces. For more impact, try an all-green room with a white ceiling. Also, using different paint finishes adds to the sleek, minimalist look.

Bold Paint Hues for Minimalist Style

Rich, vibrant colors work wonders in a minimalist setting. Think about using colors like Beau Green and Starry Night Blue as your focus. They tie the room together beautifully. Imagine a space where everything is green, except for a pristine white ceiling. This choice, combined with various paint sheens, enhances the minimalist feel.

Sophisticated Minimalist Living Room Shades

Classic black shades can make minimalist décor look amazing. Mixing white with deep black, like Benjamin Moore’s Black Tar 2126-10, makes a bold yet sleek statement.

Shades like royal purple, moody brown, and deep ocean blue work well too. They pair perfectly with white for a classy, minimalist vibe. Hannah Yeo from Benjamin Moore says, “Choosing the right paint color enhances minimalism’s simplicity. White is common, but there are many timeless options.”

Sleek, Chic and Sophisticated: Black Paint Colors

Benjamin Moore’s Black Tar 2126-10 gives a bold look. Pair it with white for a sleek yet dramatic feel.

Other colors like royal purple, moody brown, and deep ocean blue also work well. They add depth and sophistication to minimalistic design.


Minimalist interior design is about making a quiet, peaceful space by choosing the right paint colors. Classic white is a favorite, but other soft and muted shades work well too. You can use colors like beige, gray, and even some bold ones to make your space interesting.

When you pick paint colors that go well with natural elements, simple furniture, and clean lines, you create a space that feels modern and calm. You have many options, from Benjamin Moore’s Off-White Collection for a soothing vibe to deep, rich colors for a more dramatic feel. Choosing the right colors is key to a true minimalist design.

Hannah Yeo, from Benjamin Moore, says, “Choosing the right paint color is key in minimalism.” Many colors, not just white, can help you achieve a timeless, minimalistic look. With the right paint, you can turn your home into a peaceful sanctuary.


What are the best paint colors for a modern, minimalist living room?

Soft white tones like Benjamin Moore’s White Heron OC-57 or Chantilly Lace OC-65 create a calm space. White Dove OC-17 from their Off White Collection makes the room feel big. Creams with a hint of beige, like Maritime White OC-5, or Ballet White OC-9 add a cozy feel.

How can earthy hues and natural materials add warmth to a minimalist style?

Earth tones and natural materials mix for a warm, simple look. Benjamin Moore has great colors for this, including Revere Pewter HC-172. Materials like linen, leather, and wood add to the comfy vibe.

How can pops of color invigorate minimalist décor?

Adding bold colors to special spots, like an accent wall, energizes the room. Monochromatic color schemes or bold pieces can make it exciting. Think of a brightly painted fireplace mantel.

What saturated, mood-boosting colors can elevate minimalist style?

Jewel tones add life to minimalist spaces. For example, Benjamin Moore’s Beau Green, Bronze Tone, and Starry Night Blue can create a focal point. These rich colors still keep the calm, simple style.

How can classic black hues elevate minimalist style?

Black can make a minimalist space striking. Pairing white with Black Tar from Benjamin Moore adds drama. Dark purple, brown, or deep blue also contrast well with white for a sleek look.

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