Mudroom Paint Colors

The Best Paint Colors for a Mudroom

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By Jason The Painter

A mudroom is key in setting a welcoming tone for your home. Picking the right paint colors matters a lot. You can choose from calm, light tones to striking, bold colors for your mudroom. Creamy whites make your space brighter, while rich burgundies hide dirt well. The ideal paint color turns this overlooked spot into a stylish and useful room.

Key Takeaways

  • The right mudroom paint color can create a welcoming and functional space.
  • Soft, serene tones like creamy white and light blue can evoke a calming atmosphere.
  • Bold, dramatic hues such as blue-gray and olive green can make a statement in the mudroom.
  • Practical and durable paint colors, like burgundy and dark blue, can help conceal dirt and grime.
  • Selecting the perfect mudroom color scheme can enhance the overall design of your home.

Soft and Serene Tones for a Welcoming Mudroom

Choosing soft, serene colors for a mudroom makes it warm and welcoming. These calming colors add a peaceful feel. They also work well for a busy area.

Creamy White

Creamy white is classic for mudrooms. Designer Kristiann Colasacco loves Swiss Coffee. This warm white brightens the space. It’s perfect for rooms with little natural light.

Soft Blue

Soft, light blue brings a spa-like feel to a mudroom. Deidre Webster picks Silver Lake by Sherwin-Williams. This calming shade helps you relax coming and going. It turns the mudroom into a peaceful retreat.

Mudroom Paint Colors for a Bold Statement

If you want your mudroom to look dramatic and classy, try a deep blue-gray. Kate Marker used Benjamin Moore’s Trout Grey on cabinets and cubbies. This choice, along with patterned tile flooring and wallpaper, makes the space eye-catching.


Using a rich, earthy olive green brings the outdoors in your mudroom. Kate Marker chose Benjamin Moore’s Dark Olive for the cabinets. The deep green shade grounds the room, while light walls and tiles keep it feeling fresh.

Olive Green

Practical and Durable Paint Colors for High-Traffic Areas

In a mudroom, you can play with strong colors. A jewel-toned burgundy is welcoming and hard-wearing. Deidre Webster of Studio Day Design loves Sherwin-Williams’ Sommelier for its purple hint, making it modern.

For hiding dirt and staying stylish, go for a deep blue. Kristiann Colasacco from K-Ann Kreations & Design recommends Sherwin-Williams’ Gale Force. This shade suits many styles, from nautical to modern.


Choosing the right paint color for a mudroom is very important. It’s a spot where everyone comes and goes. The color you choose not only sets the mood for your whole home but also makes this often busy place welcoming. Think about the light, the look you want, and what the room needs to be used for. This will help you pick a color that shows your style and makes your home’s design better.

There are many options for mudroom paint. You could pick a light color to make a dim space seem brighter, or a dark one that hides dirt well. With advice from experts like Kristiann Colasacco, Deidre Webster, and Kate Marker, finding the best color is easier. They can help homeowners choose a color that will not only impress guests but will also lift the mudroom’s style.

Choosing the right mudroom paint color is about finding a balance. It’s about making the space look good while still being practical. By thinking about what the mudroom is used for and who uses it most, you can find a color that’s both pretty and useful. This way, the mudroom not only looks great but also suits your family’s needs well.


What are some popular paint color options for a mudroom?

Creamy whites, soft blues, and bold blue-grays are all popular choices. You can also go for earthy olive greens, rich burgundies, and deep blues. These shades make a mudroom feel welcoming and last long.

How can a creamy white paint color transform a mudroom?

Choosing a creamy white, like Swiss Coffee, makes a mudroom look clean and simple. This warm white can make the space seem bigger by reflecting light. It’s perfect for rooms that don’t get a lot of natural light.

What are the benefits of using a soft, light blue in a mudroom?

Soft, light blues produce a calming, spa-like feel. Sherwin-Williams’ Silver Lake is a great choice for this. It helps turn the busy mudroom into a peaceful sanctuary.

How can a bold, blue-gray paint color be used in a mudroom?

Consider a mid-tone blue-gray, such as Benjamin Moore’s Trout Grey, for a stylish impact. Use it on cabinets and cubbies. With fun tiles and wallpaper, your mudroom can be fun and visually stunning.

What are the benefits of using an earthy olive green in a mudroom?

Rich, earthy olive greens bring the outdoors in. Benjamin Moore’s Dark Olive grounds the room. Paired with white walls and light tiles, it feels open and fresh.

Why is a rich, jewel-toned burgundy a good choice for a mudroom?

Jewel-toned burgundy, like Sherwin-Williams’ Sommelier, is welcoming and hides dirt well. Its deep, purplish tone adds a modern touch. This is great for a busy mudroom.

How can a deep, saturated blue be beneficial in a mudroom?

A deep blue, such as Sherwin-Williams’ Gale Force, hides dirt and keeps the room stylish. It works with many looks, from sea-inspired to modern.

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