Maximalist Style Color Schemes

The Secrets to Painting a Room with a Maximalist Style

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By Jason The Painter

A maximalist room is like telling your life story through decor. It’s all about showcasing what makes you happy. You can mix old and new, expensive and not, to make your space truly yours. Include items with personal meaning, from family photos to treasures from travels.

Key Takeaways

  • Maximalist decor tells a story about you and your personality
  • Mix and match furnishings, from new to vintage, to create a unique look
  • Include pieces that reflect your culture, hobbies, and travel experiences
  • Use your personal style as a unifying factor for disparate design elements
  • Embrace the clashing of old and new in maximalist decor

Understanding Maximalist Design

Maximalism goes back centuries in the design world. The way we use it in our homes has changed, but the core idea hasn’t. Back then, the rich showed off their wealth with lots of things like taxidermy and artworks. Today, we’ve revived this timeless style for a whole new generation to enjoy.

What Is Maximalism?

Maximalists have been around for ages, and they’re making a comeback. Their style adds more life to your space. The key is to keep your maximalism organized and edited. Remember, it’s not just about the number of items but also the different textures, patterns, and colors they bring.

The History of Maximalism

Maximalism has been around in design for a long time. People have always loved to display their favorite things. Back in history, the rich would decorate their homes extravagantly to show their wealth. They had items like taxidermy and fine art. Today, this style is making a big comeback.

The Art of Controlled Chaos

Maximalists of the past and present love their style. They make spaces more exciting. The trick is to arrange your abundance with care. It’s not just about how much you have but the mix of textures, patterns, and colors. This creates a beautiful and cohesive look.

Maximalist Style Color Schemes

Maximalist interiors use big items and mix colors and patterns. This approach creates an exciting, not overwhelming, space. Jewel tones like emerald green and sapphire blue bring luxury. Yet, vibrant yellows and pinks add playfulness. In a small area, a vibrant palette can really stand out.

Fill your space with furniture that shows off your style. Each room can be unique, ditching the matchy-matchy look. Look for special, standout pieces that are all about you. Maximalism is all about being bold and unique.

Embracing Bold and Vibrant Hues

Maximalism mixes various patterns, textures, and shapes to excite your senses. Try silk, velvet, or faux fur alongside bold prints or abstract designs. Starting is easy, just mix and match your favorite patterns. For example, pair florals with stripes for a dynamic look. The goal is to keep your eyes moving, so fill your space with textures and patterns.

Mixing Saturated Tones and Patterns

In maximalism, your unique style shines. Use your walls to display much-loved art and items. Don’t hold back on decor, and let your happiness spread throughout your home. Your decorating choices, like lighting, wall art, and statues, tell your story.

Creating Contrast with Complementary Colors

Maximalism is about making a bold statement. Break design rules and make your space freer and more creative. Choose contrasting shades for a vibrant, impactful look. Painting different parts of a room in various colors can make your space appear larger and more interesting.

Painting Techniques for a Maximalist Look

Maximalism is all about making a big statement. It’s a design trend that’s daring, bold, and full of creativity. Paint your room for maximum impact! Use bold colors to make the space lively. This will also make your home look larger and more interesting. Different shades on walls, windows, and skirtings add depth and character.

Utilizing Contrasting Wall and Trim Colors

Maximalist interiors feature bold, eye-catching elements. Mixing colors, patterns, and textures can be exciting. Start by combining different patterns to bring energy without overwhelming. Florals and stripes, or figurative and graphic prints, work well together. Make sure the design flows and feels interesting throughout the space.

Feel free to use patterns everywhere, from curtains to pillows. Don’t be afraid to show your unique style in each detail.

Incorporating Wallpapers and Murals

In maximalism, personal style is key. Fill your walls with paintings, prints, and decorative items. Completely cover your walls with art and decorations. Let your unique style shine through. Use everything you love, from lighting to collectibles. Make your home a reflection of your personality.

Exploring Creative Paint Finishes

Maximalism is about creating a significant impression. It’s a trend that breaks traditional design rules with its bold and creative approach. Paint your room for maximum impact! Using contrasting colors can transform a space. It can create a vibrant atmosphere and enhance the overall appearance. Different colors on walls, windows, and skirtings can make a room look more spacious. It also adds a unique touch to your home.


Adding bold colors or patterns can make your space fun and beautiful. It’s about choosing what reflects your style. Make sure your colorful look stays organized and clean.

A maximalist approach values the mix of textures and colors over having lots of items. Go ahead and break the old design rules. Let your unique personality stand out with decor like lights, artworks, and collectibles.

Maximalism is a way to show off your unique style. Feel free to combine different designs and items. Fill your walls with art and don’t worry about too much color. This approach lets you celebrate the things that are special to you.


What is the core essence of maximalist decor?

Maximalist decor is all about telling your life’s story. It lets you highlight the most joyful parts of yourself. This is done through carefully choosing furniture and design pieces that reflect you. Maximalism is deeply personal and allows your true colors to shine.

How has maximalism evolved over time?

Maximalism has roots going back centuries. In the past, the rich used it to flaunt their wealth with art, taxidermy, and unique items. Although expression has changed, showcasing our favorite pieces is an age-old idea. Today’s maximalists are reviving this bold and varied approach.

What is the key to pulling off maximalist design successfully?

Successfully doing maximalist design means keeping it neat and selective. It’s not just about having a lot of stuff. It’s about mixing different textures, patterns, and colors, creating a beautiful harmony. The aim is to make a space exciting but not too overwhelming.

How can one incorporate maximalist style color schemes?

Add big, bold pieces to bring maximalism to life. Mixing vibrant colors and patterns can be exciting. Think jewel tones, bright pinks and yellows, or bold contrasts. These colors can bring a sense of luxury and personal flair to your home.

What are some techniques for achieving a maximalist look through painting?

Painting is key for a maximalist look. Think about using bold colors on different walls and trims, or add wallpapers and murals. Mix and match various paint finishes and shades, not holding back on the drama. The goal is to cover your walls with unique patterns and colors without fear.

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