Pantone Color Trends for Bedrooms

The Ultimate Guide to Painting a Bedroom with Pantone’s Color Trends

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By Jason The Painter

Bedrooms are more than just places to sleep. They are transforming into reading rooms, home offices, and even workout spots. Choosing colors from the Pantone Color Trends for these areas can set the right mood. This includes making a space comfy for sleep or using colors that match various activities. It’s vital to pick the right colors to change how these spaces feel at the end of the day. Experts like Joa Studholme of Farrow and Ball see paint as a key element for creating different vibes in bedrooms. Annie Sloan and Nicole Gibbons also share how to use current color trends to turn your bedroom into a cozy, trendy escape.

Key Takeaways

  • Bedrooms have evolved beyond just sleeping spaces, serving as multifunctional areas.
  • Using Pantone Color Trends can create the perfect ambiance in the bedroom.
  • Defining spaces and changing the mood at the end of the day is increasingly important.
  • Color experts provide insights on the latest color trends and how to transform the bedroom.
  • Leveraging Pantone Color Trends can create a soothing and stylish bedroom sanctuary.

Understanding the Impact of Color on Bedroom Ambiance

The colors we choose for our bedroom can really affect how we feel. Color psychology for bedrooms is important for creating a calming space. For example, blue can make you less stressed and help you sleep better. But, red might not be the best for helping you relax before sleep.

The Psychology Behind Bedroom Colors

Colors can change our mood and impact our lives. The right calming bedroom colors or energizing bedroom hues do more than just look nice. They connect with how we feel. It’s key to pick bedroom colors based on their emotional effects to make your space comfortable and supportive.

Natural Light: The Great Revealer

Natural light and paint colors work together to set a room’s mood perfectly. Light changes the way paint looks. This is why it’s important to think about how lighting affects paint colors when picking colors. A room with lots of sun might need softer colors. Darker rooms might look better with bright, lively shades.

Artificial Lighting: Setting the Mood

Along with sunlight, artificial lighting and paint colors help create the bedroom’s overall feel. Where you put lights can make colors stand out or blend in. This helps in making a room cozy or lively. Owners need to think about lighting design to make their calming bedroom colors or energizing bedroom hues work well.

Pantone Color Trends for Bedrooms

In 2024, the top Pantone Color Trends for Bedrooms focus on feelings like coziness, tranquility, and hope. Earthy tones and nature-inspired hues lead the way. They bring a feeling of renewal and peacefulness. Think about soft greens like leaves in spring and rich terracottas from sunsets. Pantone’s Color of the Year, Ultimate Gray mixed with Illuminating (a bright yellow), shows a move towards warmth and cheer.

Earthy Tones and Nature-Inspired Hues

More and more people want earthy bedroom colors and nature-inspired bedroom colors. It’s all about making the bedroom a calm, renewing space. Popular trending bedroom color combinations include soft greens, browns, and beiges. These colors bring tranquility and a sense of being connected to nature.

Combining Colors for a Unique Bedroom Style

For a unique bedroom color palette, try mixing and matching colors. You can also experiment with different layering methods. Try combining earthy tones with bright pops of color. Or, stick to one color but mix up the shades. The goal is to find what shows your taste and brings the right vibe to your bedroom.

Pantone Color Trends for Bedrooms Description Color Example
Ultimate Gray A timeless and versatile neutral that offers stability and safety
Illuminating A lively yellow that shines with hope and joy
Terracotta A cozy, earthy tone that feels like a warm hug and closeness to nature
Sage Green A shade that soothes and refreshes, bringing tranquility and renewal


Choosing the right paint for your bedroom is more than just making it look good. It’s your chance to make a space that reflects you and sets the vibe you want. Learn how colors affect mood, how light changes them, and the latest trends.

You can pick blues for peace, terracottas for warmth, or bright walls for fun. The trick is to find colors that match your style and improve your room’s look. With the advice in this guide, you’ll make a bedroom that feels good and looks great.

Your bedroom should show who you are and help you feel good. Use the right colors and design to create a place that always makes you happy and relaxed.


How can the right paint color transform a bedroom?

A bedroom is more than just a place to sleep. It often doubles as a reading nook, a home office, or even a spot to work out. The color of the walls can set the right mood for each activity. Whether you want your room to feel cozy for sleeping or lively for working, the right paint color can make it happen.

What is the significance of using paint to establish distinct moods in the bedroom?

It’s key to have different areas in your room for changing your mood. Joa Studholme from Farrow and Ball says paint is a big part of this. It can truly change how you feel in a space.

How do different colors affect our emotions and daily lives in the bedroom?

Colors can really change how we feel and act. Picking the perfect color for your room is more than just making it look nice. It’s about creating the right atmosphere with emotional effects. Blues help relax you and improve sleep. But reds add energy and excitement, which might not be great for bedtime.

What are the top color trends for bedrooms in 2024?

In 2024, cozy and calm colors are in. Think earthy tones and shades inspired by nature. Soft greens and warm terracottas are very popular. Pantone’s picks, Ultimate Gray and Illuminating Yellow, show a desire for warmth and cheer.

How can homeowners create a soothing and stylish bedroom sanctuary with paint?

Picking the right color for your bedroom is more than just making it pretty. It’s about creating a space that’s truly yours and calming. Learn about colors and how light changes them. Then, use what’s on trend to make your space a peaceful haven.

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