Hardie Board Siding Painting

The Ultimate Guide to Painting Hardie Board Siding

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By Jason The Painter

Hardie plank siding is a strong fiber-cement material. It lasts in tough weather and comes in wood-like designs. Painting this Hardie Board Siding well needs special steps. You must paint it within 180 days of putting it up, or within 90 days if there was no primer. Clean the surface well with a power washer. Then, use a high-quality latex primer and acrylic exterior paint. For sealing edges, use joint flashing, not caulk. It’s best to have a pro painter do the job. This ensures your home gets the best care and looks great for a long time.

Key Takeaways

  • Hardie Board Siding is a durable fiber-cement material that looks like wood.
  • Proper prep, like power washing and priming, is key for good paint jobs.
  • Choose top-notch acrylic exterior paint for a durable finish.
  • Avoid using caulk; joint flashing creates a better, pro look.
  • Getting an experienced painter is a wise choice for top-notch results.

Understanding Hardie Board Siding

Fiber cement siding covers the outside of houses. Made from sand, cement, and fibers, it’s strong and lasts long. It looks like wood but doesn’t need as much care. It doesn’t rot, warp, or get eaten by bugs. This makes it a top choice for many homes, especially those in tough weather.

The Importance of Painting Fiber Cement Siding

Painting this siding is key for it to look good and last. It shields it from rain, sun, and wind. This helps the siding stay strong over the years. Also, you can pick from many colors to make your house stand out. Plus, light colors can keep your home cooler.

Can You Paint Fiber Cement Siding?

Yes, painting fiber cement siding is a good idea. It lets you add your personal touch with colors. And, it protects the siding from the weather. To paint it, you need to clean it first and use the right paint. Acrylic exterior paint is recommended for the best finish and protection.

Hardie Board Siding Painting: Preparation and Techniques

Before starting to paint hardie plank siding, you need to power wash it. This step removes dirt and grime. It’s important for Hardie Board Siding Painting, fiber cement siding, and exterior painting to look good. Even new siding should be power washed. Let the cleaned area dry completely before you start painting.

Power Washing

After power washing, use a top-notch latex primer on the surface. Then, it’s best to apply acrylic exterior paint. This kind of paint works great on hardie plank exteriors. Using the wrong paint or primer can lead to problems. These include roughness, paint not sticking well, cracks, and too much chalking.

Applying Paint

When it comes to hardie plank siding, it’s better to use joint flashing than caulk. Caulk at the joints can make your hardie plank look bad. James Hardie, the creator, says not to use caulk on his siding in some areas. So, using flashing saves you effort, money, and brings better results. It helps make your home look better and last longer.

Use Joint Flashing… Not Caulk

Choosing the Right Paint and Painter

Painting Hardie boards right means picking good paint and a skilled painter. It’s best to use 100% acrylic exterior paint. Look for brands like Sherwin Williams or Miller Paint. These top paints cover well and protect your boards from the weather.

What Paint Should I Use for My Hardie Board?

Hardie boards need high-grade 100% acrylic paint made for fiber cement siding. Sherwin Williams and Miller Paint are top choices for their quality and durability. Their paints provide great coverage, lasting shield, and resist harsh weather. This ensures your Hardie board siding stays beautiful for a long time.

Choosing the Right Painter for Your Fiber Cement Siding

Picking a painter for your fiber cement siding is key. Their skills and care make a big difference in how your home looks and lasts. Choose a painter experienced with Hardie boards, professional, and known for using quality materials. Before hiring, look at their past work and what clients say. This step ensures a job well done.


Painting your Hardie board siding can improve how your home looks and protect your money. It’s important to prepare your siding well and choose the right paints and primers. Getting a professional to paint it can lead to a great finish that lasts a long time.

If you want to change the color or just freshen up the paint, we’ve given you everything you need to know. Using the right weather-resistant methods will keep your home’s outside looking good for a long time. It will also help it stay safe from the weather.

With good preparation, the best materials, and expert help, painting your Hardie board siding isn’t hard. It can make your house look great and well-protected. So, don’t wait. Plan your painting project now and enjoy a lovely, durable home.


What is fiber cement siding?

Fiber cement siding is a tough material used on house exteriors. It consists of sand, cement, and wood fibers. These components are mixed and pressed to make a durable covering.

Why is it important to paint fiber cement siding?

Paint keeps fiber cement siding strong and pretty. It shields the siding from weather, making it last longer. Plus, it helps your home use energy better.

Can you paint fiber cement siding?

Yes, painting fiber cement siding is a great idea. It lets you pick your home’s color. It also protects it from the elements, adding more years to its life.

How should I prepare the surface before painting hardie plank siding?

First, power wash your hardie plank siding. This removes dirt and ensures a smooth painting surface. Even if the siding is new, washing is a must.

What type of paint and primer should I use for hardie plank siding?

Start with a quality latex primer on the siding. Then, choose acrylic exterior paint for a great finish. These paints are ideal for hardie plank and will protect it well.

Should I use caulk or joint flashing for hardie plank siding?

For hardie plank siding, use joint flashing, not caulk. Caulk can mess up hardie plank’s appearance. Joint flashing keeps your siding looking good without extra costs later on.

What brand of paint should I use for my hardie board siding?

For painting hardie boards, experts suggest Sherwin Williams or Miller Paint. These brands of acrylic exterior paints are long-lasting and offer superior protection to your siding.

Why is it important to hire a professional painter for fiber cement siding?

Getting the right painter for your fiber cement siding is key. A skilled painter using high-quality materials can greatly improve your home’s external look and durability.

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