Bohemian-Inspired Sunroom Colors

Trending Paint Colors for a Bohemian-Inspired Sunroom

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By Jason The Painter

Boho chic design is all about being laid-back and cool.

Its earthy colors give off a calm and welcoming feel.

Explore these nature-focused shades in our boho paint color palette.

Create your own mix of these colors for an eclectic boho style.

Boho living spaces are full of textured elements from around the globe.

You’ll find things like handmade textiles, natural wood, and lots of plants.

They also use bold colors, varied patterns, and unique treasures.

To make your space, mix these elements with our clean, contemporary bohemian styles.

This will help you build a space that’s full of character and stories.

Our color palette can guide your choices.

Add in expressive hues like jewel tones, saturated pastels, or brights.

Key Takeaways

  • Embrace the earthy, nature-inspired tones of boho chic design for a relaxed, effortless vibe.
  • Incorporate handcrafted textiles, rustic wood, and indoor greenery to create a layered, global-inspired boho space.
  • Accent your boho color palette with a mix of vibrant hues, from jewel tones to saturated pastels.
  • Curate a collected, eclectic boho design by combining vintage finds with contemporary elements.
  • Use our boho-inspired color palette to craft your own unique, sun-drenched bohemian interior.

Unleash Your Wanderlust with a Boho Color Palette

Boho decorating is all about feeling carefree and relaxed. For a boho bedroom look, combine soft neutral shades. This will bring a cozy vibe to your space.

Add pottery, pampas grass, and dried flowers to these colors. They mix perfectly with trendy gold tones like mustard and ochre. Choose colors like Dorset Gold and Concord Ivory to add a bold pop that feels welcoming. Your room will look lively and at peace with nature.

The Bohemian Style Bedroom

A true boho bedroom should have flowing curtains and earthy tones. Include low beds or sitting spots. Let in as much natural light as possible to show off the rich textures and green plants.

Keep the setting simple with white and neutral walls. This lets unique items like peacock chairs or hammocks stand out.

A Boho Exterior: Inside Out

Boho style is great for making indoor spaces feel like the outside. Add white layers to keep it fresh. Choose shades of white like Evening White or Opaline for a soft look.

A Boho Living Room: Contemporary and Comfy

In the living room, mix colors and patterns in a boho way. A setup like this is perfect in a modern room. Use Cloud White on the walls for a bright feel.

Place old rugs, stone, or granite in the room. A leather chair can be modern with a bit of Black Satin on the door trim.

Bohemian-Inspired Sunroom Colors: A Kaleidoscope of Vibrancy

A sunroom offers an indoor space to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. It’s filled with sunlight from many windows. Choosing a soft color scheme can make your sunroom a peaceful retreat. Add white tones to your sunroom for a bright and airy feel. When picking paint colors, test swatches in the sunlight to see their true shade. Shades like Simply White (OC-117) or Cloud White (OC-130) work well to create a serene space.

Earthy Tones for a Grounded Ambiance

If neutral colors aren’t your style, bold hues can be just as eye-catching. Yellow, like Benjamin Moore’s Hawthorne Yellow (HC-4), brings a sunny feel inside. For a more earthy look, consider Palladian Blue (HC-144) and Saybrook Sage (HC-114). Add a hint of pastel pink (AF-260) to create a peaceful atmosphere.

Jewel Tones and Saturated Pastels

Black and white with green plants make for a classic, elegant sunroom. Greenery complements this palette, enhancing the room’s mood. You can also add terracotta tiles and macramé for a touch of bohemian style. Paint the walls with inspirations from nature, like Benjamin Moore’s Inkwell (SW 6992).

Embrace Moroccan Influences and Terracotta Tiles

Painting Tips for a Sun-Drenched Bohemian Oasis

Neutral Backdrops for Layered Textures

It’s not common to have a big sunroom. So, a neutral palette works well in these smaller spaces. Sunrooms should feel like being outside, with calm, light vibes. Light gray, beige, or tan walls can make a sunny space feel peaceful. Match your furniture and curtains with light, neutral colors. This way, you keep the room bright with the sun shining in.

Macramé Accents and Natural Fibers

Boho style is all about being comfy, even outdoors. Make your outside space as welcoming as inside. Use plush furniture, colorful pillows and blankets, and natural rugs and tiles. Choose soft shades like Moon Shadow 1516 and Jute AF-80 to create a calm atmosphere. Add handmade items like macramé, rattan, and jute for a genuine boho feel.


A sunroom can be a great place to show your love for bohemian style. You can use soft, simple colors or bright ones. The most important thing is to make the place feel cozy, full of layers, and interesting to look at. This way, it seems like the inside of your home merges with the outside.

To turn your sunroom into a boho dream, you have lots of options. You could go for natural, earthy colors with a touch of Morocco. Or, you might like rich, deep colors and terracotta tiles. Whatever you choose, the right colors and design features can make it feel like a peaceful, sunny hideaway. Just a bit of imagination and care can make your sunroom a place that’s all about your own style and connection to nature.

Let your adventurous spirit shape your sunroom. Mix in vivid colors, earthy materials, and items from around the world. These choices can help you make a room that’s not only beautiful but also fits your way of life perfectly. A well-decorated sunroom is a special place. It lets you enjoy the sun and nature right from your house.


What are the key elements of bohemian-inspired sunroom design?

A bohemian sunroom uses earthy colors and textures like macramé. It features rustic woods and global accents too. Its look blends indoor and outdoor styles in a unique way.

What are some popular bohemian paint color choices for sunrooms?

Bohemian sunrooms often have earthy paint colors and jewel tones. Think of tans like Dorset Gold (HC-8) or blacks and grays. These colors, along with Moroccan-inspired terracotta, make a space feel bohemian.

How can I incorporate natural textures and global accents into my bohemian sunroom design?

Use textures like macramé, rattan, and jute. These, along with terracotta tiles, give a natural feel. Adding tapestries, rugs with patterns, and pottery completes the look.

What color palette works best for a neutral bohemian sunroom?

For a neutral look, try whites, grays, and beiges. They make your sunroom calm. Colors such as Simply White (OC-117) and Cloud White (OC-130) work well. They let your natural and global decorations stand out.

How can I create a cozy, layered look in my bohemian sunroom?

To make your sunroom cozy, use upholstered furniture and pillows. Quilted blankets and woven rugs add layers. Natural elements like rattan and macramé enrich your design.

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