Modern Coastal Bedroom Colors

Trending Paint Colors for a Modern Coastal Bedroom

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By Jason The Painter

A beach house carries a unique vibe that fills every corner. With soothing coastal blues and bright island-inspired colors, these paint shades transform the place. They bring a coastal home’s energy together with the calm you seek. Various designers have chosen special paint colors for coastal bedrooms. These choices range from serene neutrals to beachy blues and greens.

Key Takeaways

  • Coastal bedrooms can be designed with modern coastal bedroom colors. These include tranquil blues and greens and airy whites.
  • Coastal color palettes often pick beach-inspired hues. They aim for a ocean-like feel and calm bedroom tones.
  • Choosing calming coastal hues and natural seashore colors helps set a relaxing beach house mood.
  • Designers suggest many modern coastal colors, like blues and greens, soft neutrals, and pastel whites.
  • Adding bold color touches can bring in a lively coastal-chic feel too.

Serene Shades Inspired by the Sea

Ocean-inspired blues and greens can make your bedroom calm. “Tradewind” by Benjamin Moore is a perfect color for the sea’s sky. It brings a light, watery feel to your room. “Surfrider” by Sherwin-Williams is a bright, medium turquoise that stays soft in bright light. And “Sea Salt” by Sherwin-Williams changes from lively blue in the day to relaxing grey-green at night.

Tranquil Blues and Greens

Neutral tones can also give your room a coastal touch. “Simply White” by Benjamin Moore is a pure white. It feels cool and fresh. “Westhighland White,” when mixed with Zurich White by Sherwin-Williams, creates a relaxing and bright feel. Finally, “Edgecomb Gray” by Benjamin Moore is a soft blue-gray. It’s calming and easy on the eyes.

Soothing Neutrals and Sandy Hues

Modern Coastal Bedroom Colors

Bright, airy whites and calming pastels make for a serene seaside bedroom. “Cloud White” by Benjamin Moore is a favorite for coastal homes. It pairs well with crisp trim. Colors like “Palladian Blue,” “Juno Peach,” and “Sunlit Coral” add the serenity of a sunset.

Airy Whites and Soft Pastels

Imagine the feeling of a calm coastal breeze in your room. These soft colors bring tranquility and are perfect for good sleep. The Modern Coastal Bedroom Colors create a sense of peace and relaxation.

Bold Pops of Color

Even in a coastal-inspired bedroom, bold colors are welcome. “Sunflower” yellow by Benjamin Moore brightens up white spaces. “Caliente” and “Heritage Red” are fun, bold colors adding a coastal-chic vibe. They are great for adding interest to serene and beachy tones.


Coastal style bedrooms can come alive with a mix of paint colors. You can use tranquil blues and greens for a calm sea-like feeling. Or go for soothing neutrals and whites for a cozy shore vibe. Adding these popular paint colors lets you make your bedroom into a peaceful, modern coastal escape.

Choose from a variety of shades for a coastal look. Tradewind by Benjamin Moore gives a peaceful feel. While Surfrider by Sherwin-Williams brings a feeling of energy. Sea Salt by Sherwin-Williams is a go-to for many because it feels like a serene beach. Mixing these ocean colors with warm neutrals deepens the coastal vibe.

Looking for a more sleek, modern style? Using light whites and soft pastels can do the trick. Cloud White by Benjamin Moore is a great choice. Mix in Palladian Blue, Juno Peach, or Sunlit Coral for a calming, beach feel. Add in some bold, bright colors like Sunflower or Caliente by Benjamin Moore for a fun, beachy look.


What are some popular paint colors for creating a serene coastal bedroom?

Tranquil blues and greens work for a peaceful coastal look. “Tradewind” by Benjamin Moore and “Surfrider” by Sherwin-Williams add soothing vibes. “Sea Salt” by Sherwin-Williams is another great choice.

How can warm, neutral tones evoke a coastal vibe in the bedroom?

Warm, neutral shades can make your bedroom feel like the coast. Colors such as “Simply White” and “Westhighland White” soften the room. Try “Edgecomb Gray” too for that coastal feel.

What bright and airy colors work well in a coastal-inspired bedroom?

Bright whites and soft pastels bring airiness to a bedroom. “Cloud White” by Benjamin Moore and “Palladian Blue” create a calm space.“Juno Peach” and “Sunlit Coral” also bring a light, coastal feel.

Can bold pops of color work in a coastal-inspired bedroom?

Definitely! Coastal rooms can have bold shades too. “Sunflower” yellow, “Caliente” red, and “Heritage Red” bring a fun, beachy vibe. Balance is key.

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